'Arkansas Fun Bus'


Are alcohol, drinks and food permitted on the bus?

Alcohol is permitted on our party buses as long as everyone is 21 or older with a valid photo ID. You will be carded by the driver. For those parties where everyone is not 21, we recommend bringing minors, but then drop them off before alcohol is brought onto the bus. If we discover or detect alcohol on a minor’s party or a party where minors are present and/or involved in alcohol consumption, we will end the party. Blue Moon Party Bus has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and has the right to notify parents and/or authorities if this rule is broken. Cups without lids are not recommended. Feel free to eat food on the buses, though you may be subject to a $50 fee for clean up.

Can Blue Moon Party Bus provide alcohol?

We do not provide alcohol in any circumstance

Is smoking permitted on the bus?

Smoking is not permitted on the bus. However, for those of you who smoke, the bus makes frequent stops throughout the night, so this is not an issue.

How do I reserve?

 You must provide a debit or credit card $100 deposit upon reservation either by phone or our reservation form which goes toward the balance. The balance must be paid the night of the event/party in cash to the driver or pay by credit card 24 hours before departure.  Credit card payments have to be processed the day before your ride.

What if I booked the party and need to cancel?

 You automatically forfeit your deposit, however  if you cancel  more than 14 days  beforehand, you may apply deposit for another scheduled date. If the cancellation is made 14 days or less prior to the date, you will loose the deposit and will have to pay the entire amount of the party bus if it is not rented out for that particular time slot. Remember, we are locking in your time slot and turning down other clients so this is important to us.

Is music provided or can I bring my own iPod?

We provide an extensive library of up-to-date music and many different genres. However, we encourage you to bring your own mp3 player or phone. Anything with an auxiliary jack will plug directly into our sound system. (we'll provide the cord.) We highly encourage you to bring your own so you can create your own playlist and the driver can  focus on the road.

Our Regular Rates 4 hour minimum

These rates do not apply to Proms - Wedding Day - New Years Eve - Please call for quote.

Batesville events 25% off!

$90 an hour on Fridays and Saturdays - $80 an hour after 4 hours

$80 an hour on Thursdays and Sundays - $70 an hour after 4 hours

$75 an hour Monday thru Wednesdays - $65 an hour after 4 hours

(15% gratuity added to total)

Can I hire a special talent for the party?

 Some clients ask for a special talent such as a Clown for children birthday party, DJ, ect, though this is fine with us you must reserve the talent independent from Blue Moon Party Bus as we are not responsible for their performance.
Also, we need to be aware of this at booking.....Blue Moon Party Bus will not be responsible for entertainers performance - diligence - punctuality - ect., they will be one of your guest.

How it works?

Upon reservation by phone or the website reservation link, we initiate the $100 deposit via credit/debit card and send you a receipt via email as well as confirmation of your time and date for your event. This confirmation details the time and date - duration - pick up and drop off location - total price of your event. Upon pick up the "Boss" (usually the party who makes the reservation) of the group will pay the trip total (less the deposit) in cash to the driver unless the bill was paid 24 hours prior by way of a debit/credit card. Your group departs and the event begins, returning to the designated drop off location on time per the reservation unless you request additional hours which is great unless we have another booking waiting. In the event of extra hours the "Boss" will be required to pay the driver for the additional time listed in the posted hourly rate before continuing the event beyond the reserved time. It is important that the "Boss" is our sole go-between during the event as the trip can be quite hectic with more than one party issuing directions and managing the group as a whole. Remember, we want everyone to have a great time but our driver needs to stay focused on achieving this as well as maintaining safety while driving.


 We would love to answer any questions you may have. Please email or call us!